City Zero


About Us

Welcome to City Zero!

We are a multicultural gym located in the heart of the magic city, Miami. On our unique and unprecedented boutique gym we offer an array of group fitness classes and state of the art equipment. Our mission is to promote physical activity, positive mindset and healthy nutrition. At City Zero we welcome all, complete novice, fitness enthusiast and professional athletes, we want you to join our unique culture.

Chase your passion, defeat your obstacles and unleash your true potential….. we’ve got you covered.


1st Floor

The hottest Main Studio in South Florida equipped with a professional
audio system, elevated stage, ambient lights, and Video LED
wall that will make you feel like you are at a live concert.


2nd Floor

State of the art new equipment from Techno-Gym to Gymleco.
We have an array of machinery such as; cable stations, pure strength,
exercise tools, stretching equipment, selectorized machines,
stair climbers, treadmills, and much more.


3rd Floor

Welcome to the legs and cardio loft. We have state of the art equipment
from Techno-Gym to Rogers. On this floor you will find machinery such as
leg presses , pendulum squat machine, stair climbers, exercise tools,
stretching equipment, selectorized machines, treadmills, and much more.

Red Rooftop

4th Floor

Elevate your fitness experience at our Red Rooftop, a
captivating 4th-floor gym and studio boasting panoramic
views of Miami’s skyline. The Red Rooftop is a vibrant fitness hub
where members enjoy a diverse range of classes, from invigorating
indoor cycling to dynamic functional training—all included
in your membership. With its sultry red ambiance lighting,
this space is not only about workouts but also a setting for
captivating selfies. Join us to transform your fitness journey into a
breathtaking experience, both in and out of the studio, with the
Red Rooftop as your backdrop.

Our Classes

Whether you want to loose weight, tone up, gain muscle or improve strength, we provide a wide
range of classes to help you achieve your goals in a friendly and airy environment.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of experienced people, nutrition, sports and fitness passionate experts with talent
and knowledge unsurpassed in the industry. Get to know us.