Christa Cantillo is a Cuban Austrian hybrid Miami native who has been integrating her health focused lifestyle and instruction within the Miami community for over 15 years. By blending ancient wisdom and practices with modern physiology, Christa curated her well rounded BlissFitFlow.

Christa always understood the importance of inner and outer strength, setting her on a lifelong path of study in nutrition, physical fitness and meditation since high school.
However Yoga took the spotlight once she was introduced to Ashtanga in 2005.

BlissFitFlow will keep you 100% in the present moment as Christa guides you through a Yoga Pilates fusion. Expect to journey through an eclectic playlist as you focus on your breath. You will stretch, sweat, burn, lift your hear rate then wind down to the the sweetest savasana (final relaxation ) This practice will have you feeling Fit & Blissed.

“Presence is your Power”

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