Betsy Dopico is a Motivator, Presenter, Performer, Dancer and Zumba International Ambassador. She was born in Cuba where she graduated with a degree in music. Betsy Loves Philosophy and Arts and is also a Life Coach who practices Reiki.

She has created a new concept called Movement and Intention where the main goal is to use the power of the intention in all movements such as Mind, Body and Spirit and blending them into one. Betsy is former part-owner of B2 Studio Boutique in Miami with Beto Perez, creator of Zumba Fitness. After that she was also owner of B2Xpress/The House of Happiness for years.

She has been featured in TV shows, ZIN volumes, Zumba Fitness Concerts, Conventions and Fitness Expos all over the World. She is currently an active influencer in her community and her hashtag is #pongamosdemodalafelicidad

Her purpose is to continue to spread love and joy around the world.

” We came into the world to share our Life ”

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