Angela Orozco – City Zero
Driven by the desire to help and work with others, and with the strong belief that we can all create a life we feel passionate about, Angela decided to dedicate her life to support others to ignite their transformation. A masters degree in Psychology, an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach certificate, a Yoga Teacher Certification are some of the set of tools Angela has to help you make a change in your life.
A mother, an entrepreneur,  a wellness aficionado, she has practiced throughout her whole life different modalities of physical training and movement such as cross-fit, running, bicycling, cross-training, swimming and finding in  Yoga the missing link to acquire not only physical strength, but mental clarity, focus, and most importantly to stay on a spiritual path that maintains a healthy purposeful lifestyle.
She shares her charism and love for life while empowering you to be and give your best.. and to be part of a change that would bring people together, where we all grow as a community and expand our consciousness bringing health, joy and happiness to our lives and those around us.